Frequently Asked Questions

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows Vista or later
Processor: 3.0GHz Dual-Core
Graphics Card: Directx 9 compatible with 256MB VRAM
System Memory (RAM): 2GB
Hard Drive: At least 10GB free space



Operating System: Windows 7 or later
Processor: 2.5GHz Quad-Core
Graphics Card: DirectX 9 compatible with at least 1GB GDDR5 VRAM
System Memory (RAM): 4GB
Hard Drive: At least 10GB free space



I seem to have an issue running or installing the game.

Check our Client Troubleshooting Guide


The game crashes on menu load.



The Mod

Is the mod still in development?

Yes, we have a small dedicated team of developers and testers actively working on the mod.


Is the mod available on Steam?

Whilst the game both requires and runs through Steam, the mod is not available for download via the Steam store due to legal reasons.


Is there / will there be Linux or Mac support?

Unfortunately Source SDK Base 2007 does not support operating systems other than Windows. We had planned to move to Source SDK Base 2013 which does support Linux and MacOS and have invested considerable time and effort into porting over to it. Sadly at this time we simply do not have the resources to port the mod to Source SDK Base 2013. Simply put the code changes and numerous unfixed bugs in the engine cause more problems than we can deal with at this time. The next release will still be on SDK Base 2007 but we would still like to port the mod to support other platforms in the future.


When Source 2 is released will the mod be ported to it?

It depends how easy porting to Source 2 is and if it has mod support. We would ideally always want the mod to run on the latest and most supported Source Engine version but in the past it has proven a painful and time-intensive procedure.


I found a bug, how do I report it?

You can PM one of the moderators here on /r/goldeneyesource by clicking here! Please use [BUG] in the title and include the version number of the mod that you’re playing. Current release is 5.0



Are there AI Bots to play with offline?

Yes there are bots available for offline play. However, we consider them to be an experimental feature and they are in no way polished or finalized. We do not recommend populating online servers with bots. Due to a bug in the engine, bots can fill up a server and prevent other players from joining, even when removed.


Are you working on a singleplayer mode for the mod?

No, we have no plans to make singleplayer as we do not have the resources or sufficient number of developers to create it.



Are there any servers? I can’t find any.

Un-check the Map List option in the server browser and click ‘Refresh All’ and wait a few seconds. You may need to click it several times to populate the list fully. There are typically at least 20 servers online.

Quick Refresh will only refresh servers you are already displaying.

You can also use Steam’s server browser by going to Steam > View > Servers and setting the Game filter to GoldenEye: Source 5.0 and clicking Refresh All.


Any tips for a beginner?

  • Use the radar to keep track of enemies when you have no visibility on them.
  • If you are having trouble aiming, bring up the crosshair for a visual guide.
  • Always aim for headshots as they always do the most damage.
  • Try to find both a powerful weapon and armor.


Where is my crosshair?

The crosshair is disabled by default, as per the original GoldenEye 007. To bring it up, use Mouse 2, by default.


I shot somebody in the head and they didn’t die?

GoldenEye: Source’s weapon balance is based on the original game’s values. Weaker weapons can take multiple headshots if the enemy has both full health and armor. Needless to say it’s not supposed to be a realistic damage system.