GoldenEye: Source 5.0 Media Day 4

5.0 Trailer


Now we’re only 24 hours away from releasing 5.0, and it’s time to show more than still images. Here is our official trailer for the new version of GoldenEye: Source!


Special thanks goes to our Lead Musician GoldenZen for his incredible music track used in the trailer, and also to our Beta Tester Graslu for producing this amazing trailer for us, as well as everybody on the team involved in the making of it.



Dam is one of the most iconic levels from GoldenEye 007 and has been among our most anticipated maps for years. For 5.0 one of our beta testers, Torn, stepped up and took on bringing it from a pipe dream to a playable and fully arted up multiplayer level, swiftly becoming a part of our development team as a Level Designer.



“Dam has always been one of my favorite levels from GoldenEye 007, and I was excited about the idea of it becoming a playable multiplayer map in GE:S. It was definitely a challenge that I initially underestimated. In the original game the map was very, very linear. Run from point A to point B. Not a lot to work with as far as multiplayer gameplay is concerned. Originally blocked out using the classic layout as a reference, it took far too long to traverse from one end of the map to the other. This design resulted in some rather boring multiplayer matches, with a lot of time spent simply trying to find an opponent.


The layout of the map had to be altered to allow for more interesting and engaging gameplay, while also staying true to the original. One example of how this was achieved was by creating an entirely new sewer system that creates a path between the front and back sides of the map. It was important to give people a choice on where to go, and not force them to go in any one specific direction.



Creating Dam was both a challenging and rewarding experience, and I couldn’t have accomplished it without support of all the talented people on our development team. After almost 2 years in the making, and a few hundred cups of coffee later, I’m proud to say it has made its debut in GoldenEye: Source. I hope everyone enjoys playing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.”

-Torn, Level Designer


New Achievements

In addition to all of 5.0’s other enhancements, we’ve expanded our achievement roster from 80 to 120! If you’ve previously played GE:S, you will have the option of keeping your previously unlocked achievements when you install 5.0.


Here’s a sneak-peek at a handful of the new achievements in store for everyone:



Reimagining Weapons

Whilst most of the weapons in GoldenEye were based on real world counterparts, some of them were a little more ambiguous or generic. These weapons required some re-imagining to fully realize a design faithful to the original game. Two such weapons are the Automatic Shotgun and Sniper Rifle.

Auto Shotgun
Sniper Rifle


In 5.0 the Automatic Shotgun has been reimagined to be a shotgun kitted out with after-market parts to be more like a knock-off imitation of the real life SPAS-12. Whilst the Sniper Rifle takes on the appearance of a fictional soviet winter rifle equipped with a high magnification scope and suppressor.

Auto Shotgun
Sniper Rifle


Here you can see the finalized Automatic Shotgun model in all its glory:


Attention All Server Owners

If you currently run a 4.2 server, please email us at with the name of the server you run. We want to make sure you have enough time to properly set up your server for the release, and will give you everything you need to get started. We will also answer any questions you may have about what needs to be updated/changed.









-Team GoldenEye: Source


10 thoughts on “GoldenEye: Source 5.0 Media Day 4

    1. @Pollito, the 4.2 game client runs well on wine, I hope it will be the same for 5.0 one. 🙂 But yes, a native Linux build would be far better, I hope that 2013 port will be a thing one day !

  1. Awesome work guys – this is fantastic. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

    Brings back great memories – plus I love your re-imagined levels as well that add to the original N64 versions with new routes, tunnels etc.

  2. First off..i love you creating this !! i dreamed of this day !!…only problem that is driving me nuts is, there is no way to look UP & DOWN without using the Mouse..can we add that please ! on the N64 version the yellow C-Buttons were used for this..but there is no way for me to program it to my game pad, the option is not available and its making me using the mouse

  3. I get an error message when i try to install the full game for the first time even when i have steam and the SDK 2007.

    “system can not find file specified” this happens right when i start opening the file.

    any help would be appreciated or sent me a link to the correct file or place.

    Thank you

  4. I’m trying to install the game, it keeps stopping me from installing and says:

    “The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you’re running. Check your computer’s system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher.”

    I’m running 64 bit Windows 7, any ideas on how I can fix it? Would love to play this!

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